Salzburg Marathon May 2017 Umrah 2015 Paris Disneyland Marathon Visit brother in Doha Family Vacation in London Kids in Snowy Paris – Marriot Disneyland Italian Alps

Visit brother in Doha

Family vacation to Doha. My brother is there since 5 years ago. So setiap tahun tak pernah putts ziarah beliau. Doha memang best!

Family Vacation in London

Trip with Family back in 2010. We were trapped in heavy snow and were not prepared for that natural disaster at all. Overall kids had fun and my two mums enjoyed themselves in cold weather!

Kids in Snowy Paris – Marriot Disneyland

First snow for them. Didn’t expect this heavy snow trapped us in Paris for couple of days. Disneyland were closed in certain attractions. So we spent our holiday at ‘home’ , Marriott Disneyland Resort.

Italian Alps

Swiss-Italy summer Vacation via Ajuerashid Enterprise Travel. Even in summer but we managed to see some snow when we were on top of Italian Alps.

Life is a road i want to keep going Love is the river i want to keep flowing

19th Sep 2017

Salzburg Half Marathon – Race Day, Medal and Me, Vienna

This is The Day!! The Race Day. Starts at 9.00 am.   Alhamdullilah, kami bertiga berjaya menghabiskan 21KM kami di Salzburg!! teringat masa run dekat Paris last year. kejap kejap...

19th Sep 2017
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