Visit brother in Doha Family Vacation in London Kids in Snowy Paris – Marriot Disneyland Italian Alps Glampreneurs in London Glampreneurs in Korea Yellow-preneurs in Movie World Gold Coast

Visit brother in Doha

Family vacation to Doha. My brother is there since 5 years ago. So setiap tahun tak pernah putts ziarah beliau. Doha memang best!

Family Vacation in London

Trip with Family back in 2010. We were trapped in heavy snow and were not prepared for that natural disaster at all. Overall kids had fun and my two mums enjoyed themselves in cold weather!

Kids in Snowy Paris – Marriot Disneyland

First snow for them. Didn’t expect this heavy snow trapped us in Paris for couple of days. Disneyland were closed in certain attractions. So we spent our holiday at ‘home’ , Marriott Disneyland Resort.

Italian Alps

Swiss-Italy summer Vacation via Ajuerashid Enterprise Travel. Even in summer but we managed to see some snow when we were on top of Italian Alps.

Glampreneurs in London

Young and Beautiful. We are Glampreneur enjoying our FREE holiday in London.

Glampreneurs in Korea

Another FREE vacation with Hai O. This is my 4th one.

Yellow-preneurs in Movie World Gold Coast

One way or another I’m gonna see you
I’m gonna meet you, meet you, meet you, meet you
One day, maybe next week
I’m gonna meet you, I’m gonna meet you, I’ll meet you

Life is a road i want t keep going

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23rd Mar 2017

Disneyland Paris Marathon – Before the race

Salam all, Ada orang tanya, macamaner nak register event ni. Well, yang Ajue buat ialah, first register atau subscribe for updates masa mula mula iklan tu keluar. Then from time...

14th Mar 2017

DisneyLand Paris Half Marathon – Departure via Doha

What? Disneyland? Half Marathon? Apakah? yesza yesza !! Well, alang alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. gethu! Actually Ajue dah register for HM beberapa event tapi tak lari...

13th Mar 2017

Kuching Marathon 2016

Marathon lagi punya cerita..   well, sejak setahun yang lalu, Ajue saja2 run. Tak sangka ni kali ke dua Ajue lari Kuching Marathon. Kalau last year 2015 Ajue sekeluarga pergi,...

13th Mar 2017

KL Marathon

Tahun ni dah kali ke dua register untuk Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Last year cancel sebab jerebu teruk kat KL dan sekitarya. Tahun ni kami berpeluang untuk run. Ibu jer...