Dah lama nak rasa kerusi DBOX. Punya la lama tunggu action movie yang best keluar. Suatu hari tu, Ajue ternampak trailer Geostorm. Dan dia cakap ada DBOX version. Yess!!! Tunggu semua anak anak ada baru purchase tiket. Mahal la sikit tapi worth sangat!!

Plot cerita dia :

In 2019, after several natural disasters of epic proportions hit Earth, 17 nations have banded together and commissioned a natural disaster defense system nicknamed “Dutch Boy”, a series of climate-controlling satellites surrounding Earth centered around the International Climate Space Station. Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler) is the architect behind it all, commanding a multifarious crew on board the station, until, after a Senate sub-committee hearing where he is tasked with defending his past actions vis-a-vis Dutch Boy, goes postal and verbally attacks Virginia senator Thomas Cross (Richard Schiff), head of the sub-committee, after Cross insinuates less-than-diplomatic notions about his conduct (including an instance where, in an attempt to prevent the man from touching a short-circuting electrical system, Lawson punched a federal inspector sent up by the sub-committee). He is replaced by his relatively calmer brother, Max Lawson (Jim Sturgess).

Three years later, a United Nations field team is riding through Afghanistan when they are confronted with an unnerving sight: an entire village frozen, along with its inhabitants. U.S. President Andrew Palma (Andy García) calls an emergency meeting of his Cabinet (including Max, who now works for the State Department under Secretary Leonard Dekkom (Ed Harris)) where it is revealed that an alleged malfunction in the satellite responsible for maintaining Afghanistan’s weather caused the freak freezing. President Palma wants it all covered up to prevent the nations involved in the project from brewing up a political storm, as the United States is slated to hand over authority over the Space Station to the international community in two weeks’ time. Max protests in the strongest possible terms and reminds Palma that they must take responsibility and fix the problems with Dutch Boy. The President consents to sending one man up to the station; Despite his objections, Max reluctantly chooses Jake under suggestions by Dekkom.


Okiesss. Kalau nak tahu seterusnya haruslah tengok sendiri yer. Suspen pon ada. Sebab ingatkan orang tu yang jahat, sekali laaa orang lain rupanya. Ajue book untuk anak anak , kawan Ecah pon join sekali. Sekali, masa lepak kat rumah kakak, anak anak dia pon nak join. Lets laaa. Sepupu Ajue pon sekali. Kami park dekat OU wing lama. Jauh la jugak menapak. Tapi takper kereta park dekat dekat jer.

Next nak try Beanie kat GSC pulak. Tunggu cerita leisure keluar. IMG_20171014_212633_855













Lepas tu masing balik haluan sendiri. Anak buah balik Seri Kembangan. Sepupu balik Shah Alam.


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